Performance with sound composition, amplified voice, contact mics, and choreographed movement for two dancers. Performed by Jessie Gold and I. This piece was shown throughout San Francisco and New York at venues such as Exit Art Gallery (La Superette Festival), Chashama (Movement Research Festival), and Dance Theater Workshop (Movement Research’s About Town Series), 2005 – 2006.

The live sound accompanies a prerecorded track composed of digitally manipulated vocal sounds. The dancer with the tentacle-like contact mic taped to her mouth (the native) makes sounds familiar to the environment while the other dancer (the tourist) walks through the cords, steps on the guitar effects pedals and distorts the native’s voice, thereby discouraging verbal communication. In addition to the contact mic taped to the native’s mouth, another contact mic lies on the floor and picks up sounds made by both dancers’ movements.