Choreography, Music, Lighting Design, Costumes and Wall Drawings.
Performers: Biba Bell, Jacqueline Fritz, Nancy Garcia, Jessie Gold and Jean Marie Leary
Duration: 85 minutes

Drawing inspiration from my background in New York’s experimental music community, 45-minutes worth of movement and sound are “looped” one time over. The piece was performed twice a day for three days at Greene Naftali Gallery, and the audience was invited to walk freely through the space during the performance.

Through dance and live sound within and throughout four rooms, five performers activate the spaces with various rhythms using movement, electric guitars and vocal sounds. Amidst guitar cables and a sound installation, sisters sing deconstructed versions of their favorite songs. You’ll watch their relationships to each other in action, reproducing themselves and destroying old forms of themselves through repetition.

Premiered at Greene Naftali Gallery, New York City, June 21-23, 2007. Part of a larger exhibition, Genesis I’m Sorry.

Video and audio available upon request.